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Dr. Troy Don and Dr. Ian Porterfield

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"Dr. Don shows great concern for my well being. He has done an excellent job! I had loss of feeling, intense burning and pain for three years and saw a number of doctors including a neurologist without any success. Now I can live the very active life that I used to without being slowed down by back pain." Troy Johnson

"I've never had Chiropractic Care before, but since I've had it personally, all I can say is 'What took me so long to have this treatment!' Thanks Dr. Don." Christopher Joe, Web Designer

"I've been to other chiropractors before with little success. Dr. Don and Dr. Porterfield were able to adjust me and make me feel better than I've felt in a long time. Thanks!" John Henderson, Construction

"Dr. Don is very friendly and gentle. Everyone is always so concerned and very pleasant. It's always nice to have a smile especially when you don't feel well." Doris Lewis, Hair Stylist

"I am a middle-aged woman whose active life style started coming to a grinding halt. I began to experience increasing pain in my right shoulder and arm, and overall muscle weakness on my right side… I finally sought medical help. I received cortisone injections and underwent two months of physical therapy with little benefit followed soon by more pain and disability.

"As the daughter of a surgeon, I had little confidence in chiropractic medicine when I made my first appointment with FFC. Much to my surprise, after a through examination and only two visits for adjustments, the tearing muscle pain in my arm stopped and my range of motion started to return to normal!

"Drs. Porterfield & Don and I now have a working partnership that is mending years of gradual damage to my body while quickly restoring my strength, flexibility, and energy. I now talk about the gift of having my life back on track!" Janet Ryerson

"My muscles were so tight and I had constant low and mid back pain, to say nothing of the knots in my shoulders and neck from chronic stress. I was beginning a new life style and went to your office to see if there was help for this tired worn out body. What I found was amazing from the front office all the way thru.

"I feel like the new woman I was seeking. Everything was explained from bone movement, exercise to perform at home, diet and ways to help me lead a healthier pain free lifestyle. I can't say enough good things about the care. Thank you for creating a new me and assisting with my personal goals." Lynne McCarthy, RN

"You have been treating me for my pain and numbness. The treatment you have been giving me has been successful and I just wanted to say thanks. I really appreciate the way you thoroughly communicate the problem…this gives me a lot of confidence in your ability and it also shows your concern for me as your patient. It's not very often in today's healthcare environment that you can actually have a relationship with your doctor. Your heartfelt friendly style makes that possible and proves that you care about your patients. I will recommend you to my friends and family." Doug Moyer

"I was suffering for one year with back and neck pain. My life has improved wonderfully since I began care. The staff is very nice and helpful and I enjoy going there, it's very relaxing." Jorge Padilla, Maintenance

"I went to see the Doctors of FFC for neck and shoulder pain by the referral from another chiropractor. It was so bad, I couldn't lift, drive or even sleep because of the pain. Since I started care I have had major improvements in my condition and life. I am very happy with the great results." James McGroarty

"I would like to say something… Dr. Don has made me feel important, has given me hope and lots of TLC. I came into the office because of stabbing pain. I could not do daily household chores… but what was even worse was that I could not even play with my grandchildren or be sociable. And now I feel so much better. I depend on oxygen and I can now sit up straight and breathe easier. All the members of the office are great. They are all informed of your needs and take care of you as a friend. Everyone takes time to explain and even show diagrams of your problem. I will recommend this office to everyone that I know. Norma Jones, Grandmother

"I was having chronic headaches and feeling of fullness in the back of my neck. After completing several sessions with Dr. Porterfield and Dr. Don, I no longer have headaches and the sensation of fullness is gone. My hips were also, hurting me at night, and I no Longer am kept awake with pain. Thank you to both of you for your help. Cindy Holt, RN

"I had a very serious accident and suffered severe neck and back injuries. I started chiropractic therapy almost immediately after the accident. The chiropractic office I went to relied on the x-rays from the hospital and never asked me the questions I have been asked since starting here with Dr. Troy Don. I was released from the first chiropractor and was told they had done all they could do for me. Still in pain, I came to Dr. Troy Don. Since starting treatment here I am feeling better… I truly believe God has guided me to this office and Dr. Don." Jackie Jacobs, Business Owner, - Ontario, CA

"After my accident, I was taken to the emergency room and was released with pain-killers and muscle relaxants… the side effects were too much. I then requested a free report about auto accidents and then made an appointment to see Dr. Don. I have only positive comments about Dr. Don. I feel so much better now… because I feel better, my stress is better, my sleep is better and as a result my relationship with my wife and daughter is better. I am so pleased… I have referred my entire family for care." - Aaron Macias, College Professor - Alta Loma, CA

"Last month I was involved in a car accident. Right away I was shaking and nervous from the wreck. Later that day, my shoulder and back started to really hurt. Then the next day the pain was even worse. The pain was so bad I could not sleep. In fact, I would get dizzy when lying down. A friend said I should go to her chiropractor. Well, I made an appointment to get checked out. After a through history and exam, I have to say that I am glad I did. Now, about a month later, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER… my dizziness is gone (that happened after two visits) and my neck, shoulders and back pain are better to the point that I am getting better sleep. I even referred my sister, and she is doing better too. Thank you Dr. Troy." Linda Tang, Business Owner - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"The very first time I went to the clinic, I felt like a dying plant. My neck, back and shoulders were so tight and tensed. When I met Dr. Porterfield, my body was so weak and could not sit or stand straight. I knew that the tone of my voice was very weak and gloomy. You could not make me laugh at all. In spite of my condition, I am thankful to God that I am still alive… Right after the first treatment, I was relieved. I can tell the difference…No medicines needed! It was good that I decided to go to Chiropractors and not physical therapist. I am in good hands." - Rosario Quinday, Piano and Voice Teacher

"The practice of non-invasive treatment is great, especially with true professionals. I have been very impressed with the thoroughness, follow through, and humanitarian help your office has provided me." - Norman McClure, Biomedical Engineer - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"I was involved in a very scary automobile accident and I thank God that I am able to write this testimonial… Well, after the accident, I was in significant pain in my neck, shoulders, arms, and upper back not to mention constant headaches. This accident really changed my life… I couldn't sleep, I had a hard time remembering things, I couldn't exercise, I couldn't even move the way that I am used to. Well, I called to get the report and it came after a day or two. While reading I could identify so much, so I called the phone number… and it was the best thing I did…. I am feeling so much better now." George Austin - Ontario, CA

"My accident occurred 1 month and 1 day after my wedding. My new husband and I were rear ended by a 16-wheeler truck. Needless to say this sure put a damper on the honeymoon… Dr. Ian and Dr. Troy were a God sent… They were the reason we got better… I personally can not say enough about these two caring men. Their patients are their number 1 priority. They work miracles with the hands that God gave them." Jennie Baker, Realtor - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"… in a day or two the report came in the mail. I read it… and man it was like they had written it about me. Then I called to take them upon the offer. I sure am glad that I did…. I was so pleased to hear that there was still help for me and that they were accepting me as a patient. If there is something I could tell you… it would be… you are in the right place, they know what they are doing. You will be feeling much better real soon. By the way, I live about an hour away from the office… and it was well worth all the driving." - Juile Lerma - Pomona, CA

"Almost a year ago, I was involved in a car accident. I had put it off for a while and I realized that the pain was not going to go away on its own. I had pain… I was a wreck. Not only that, but the insurance company kept bothering me and threatening me phone call after phone call. When I met Dr. Troy Don, I decided to get taken care of. I am sure glad I did. Thank you for the great care and new friendship." - Barbara Strubelt, Accountant - Upland, CA

"I walked into the office with really bad headache, back pain, and neck stiffness all due to an automobile accident. Dr. Don took me under his care right away. At the beginning I couldn't sit for too long, stand for too long, and I was constantly getting headaches throughout the day. I also couldn't sleep…. I have improved tremendously. I feel a lot better and all thanks to FFC." - Christine Kashouh, Student - Rancho Cucamonga, CA